Environmental Services
  Of the 28 largest environmental disasters in the headlines from 1970 to 1993, about 58% involved oil spills. Although not as well known as the huge accidents, a considerable environmental impact and cost to oil producers occurs by the cumulative losses in thousands of small incidents at tank batteries and other facilities of ordinary size. With more planning and preparation many of these spills would be minimized or avoided altogether.  
  Clean Water Act of 1972, Section 311 (j)(1)(c), requires owners or operators of an oil producing facility to be ready to carry out such a plan to prevent spills. GEM employees have experience working with state or federal agencies on oil field issues or implementing federally mandated environmental protection rules.
  GEM provides no engineering work or services but, for a small fee, GEM can provide cartographic and inspection services to help your engineer update your spill plans, keep you in compliance and minimize any environmental issues.
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