Optimizing Reservoir Production
  GEM is ready to research geological circumstances affecting your well conformance issues, reverse results of previous and unsatisfactory workovers, shut off water, improve efficiency of secondary recovery (gas and water injection) projects and develop plans to increase your oil production.
  WHY? Because, before founding GEM, Mike worked to enhance production in mature fields by advising engineering teams developing SUN Production Company properties in the Southeastern United States . This involved supervising and evaluating open hole logging operations or tracer surveys, making decisions about setting casing, taking cores and deciding when to attempt open hole completions. He served as SUN's field geologist in the East Texas Field, Midway Field ( Arkansas ), Delhi Field ( Louisiana ) and Baxterville Field ( Mississippi ) and many others.
  Most recently, Mike joined a Halliburton Energy Services team as a Principal Geologist (Computer Mapping) to help establish a new production optimization team in the Hassi Messaoud Field ( Algeria ), equip it with the latest technical equipment and software and use the new facility to support a multi-disciplinary Production Optimization Team (POT) designing ways to improve production.
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