GEM Consulting LTD, “GEM”, offers consulting advice to assist clients who realize sound business advice and scientific data are two keys to success in the oil patch. As Principal Geologist of the company, Mr. Mike is qualified to assist clients with both, business and technical, issues because he has more than 30 years of formal training in physics, geology and business together with oil industry experience.

Whether your project includes seismic or other remote sensing data, mapping of subsurface geological data, terrain analysis or uses photos and other imagery, GEM can help by presenting research findings and recommendations. When scientific studies, environmental investigations or sound business advice are needed, please contact GEM Consulting LTD.

Clients updating spill plans for tank batteries can keep expenses at a minimum by hiring GEM to work at the direction of engineers doing field checks of tank sizes or site sketches. By hiring GEM at far lower fees to do mapping or clerical tasks for spill plans prepared by engineers, clients can efficiently redirect their professional engineering resources to tasks only professional engineers may do.

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